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Fundamentals of Smart Card Technology 

Smart Cards are the new way of doing business on a global scale. It's important to be grounded in the basic fundamentals of this emerging and evolving technology.

This course provides a thorough overview of the state of the Smart Card industry, the basic components of Smart Card technology and the applications used throughout the global marketplace. You will learn everything from why people are moving to Smart Cards to how the basic structure of Smart Card architecture is formed and utilized.

This course consists of nine modules and takes approximately 6 hours to complete. Users can enter and exit the course at will and always return to the last viewed page. Topics include:

  • Module One: Introduction to Smart Card Technology
  • Module Two: Smart Card Security
  • Module Three: Contactless Smart Card Technology
  • Module Four: Access Control Applications
  • Module Five: Biometrics
  • Module Six: Public Key Infrastructure
  • Module Seven: Smart Card Financial Applications
  • Module Eight: Card Issuance and Personalization
  • Module Nine: Smart Card Implementation
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